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Did you know 93% of people who make New Year’s goals FAIL to achieve them? And did you know that more than 50% of the total New Year’s resolutions are of the lose weight / get more fit variety? Yeah, crazy, I know.

So, if you are dead-set on being one of the 7% who succeed then I suggest you read on to find out the best New Years workout for achieving and surpassing all your New Year’s fitness and health resolutions.

Truth About Abs is the best health and fitness lifestyle program for achieving the body you desire in 2012. Why? Because it is a lifestyle program and not some fad diet or fad exercise program. The book you get teaches exactly how to move and eat to effortlessly burn fat and quickly achieve your goals… And most importantly, how to maintain your new toned body for life.

The Truth About Abs is about WAY more than just how to get six pack abs and flat, toned stomach. It is a comprehensive guide to creating an “abs lifestyle” that suits your own personal needs (and of course reveals your stellar abs). It is about aligning your food and movement patterns to make your body into an efficient fat burning machine.

In this video I go with you and buy the Truth About Abs program and we take a look at it together:

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And just in case you hate watching videos I have also written out exactly what you get in the Truth About Abs program below.

So What Will Truth About Abs Teach You?

You will learn exactly the exercise and the diet patterns you need to follow to achieve effortless fat burning round the clock and ultimately how to achieve the body you desire and keep it for life. In the book is:

  1. Surprising fat burning foods and an accompanying 72 meal recipes.
  2. Unique workouts that burn stomach fat, build some lean muscle and with no cardio.
  3. Motivation and mindset for permanent fat loss.

So you see the book is really a crash course in healthy living and is just marketed as an Abs book because of the popularity of abs. It just so happened that when you live the way described in this book you get killer abs or a super sexy flat and toned stomach.

What Are Some Perks Of The Truth About Abs Program?

  • No crunches or abs exercises required.
  • No protein shakes or weird drugs required.
  • No gym required (although it makes things easier).
  • No embarrassing vibration belts or ab “torture” machines.
  • NO starving yourself required (eat only delicious mouthwatering real foods!)

Sound good? Good!

So Why is Truth About Abs The Best New Years Workout For You For 2012?

Best Abs Workout = Most Tried and Tested Abs Workout on the Market

This ‘ol abs workout has been tried and tested by more than 500,000 people from all over the world (including me ). The Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Nutrition Specialist that came up with the Truth About Abs Program has amassed a trusting 680,000 people direct email list (that could unsubscribe at any time if they thought they were being scammed or spammed or having their time wasted!)<– But they’ve been happy for years.

HE is Mike Geary and he actually adds value to this world instead of just sucking it dry. Shoot. I really do not mean to make it sound like Mike is some god or messiah. He is just a dude that realized the abs market was flooded with BS and he knew how to get abs. He knew it wasn’t with vibrating belts or other weird ab contraptions. It was simple.

“It was good food and functional exercise!”

…Like I said above he is the most experienced Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist quite possibly in the entire USA. He helps more than 680,000 people on a weekly basis via his email newsletter. And a further 10,000 follow his exercise and diet plans on a monthly basis. (I am not lying. He revealed all this in his interview here).

What Do You Get in the Truth About Abs New Years Workout For Six Pack Abs?

I own the Truth About Abs. I have for awhile now. But just for the sake of this article I went and bought it again so that you could visually see (I took screenshots this time) the whole process and the book before you decide if you want 6 pack abs.

Truth About Abs Buying Steps

1. When you decide to buy you will either click on the “add to cart” buttons or on a link that says “buy now”. When you do that you will be taken through a series of additional offers. They are all good value and range from workout builders to other diet and fitness style books. Once you get to the end of the offers you end up on a page that asks you to pay by credit card or PayPal.

Note: you only have to pay $5 up front. You get a 21 day nearly free trial. So there is NO risk here.

You choose and then enter your details and you end up on this page if approved:

2. Once you click “Complete Your Order” you will be taken to the downloads page. On that page you have the option to signup for Mike Geary’s (the author) newsletter for free and you also get a bucket load of free Bonus offers that I’m not sure I should even be telling you about. But anyways, at the top of this page is the main download for Truth About Abs.

Take a look at 3 of the files once downloaded (there was about 6 bonuses on top of the actual Truth About Abs book):

So you see. The Truth About Abs program is a digital book in .pdf format. You can print it out once and also have it saved on your hard drive. Gotta love technology!

3. So once you have the file next thing you wanna do is open it up. Here’s the cover opened up in my .pdf viewer:

4. The book is 152 pages long and is half based on diet and nutrition and half based on showing you how to exercise properly. You get tons of meal and food strategy and advice and then you also get tailor made 72 meal ideas.

The format of the exercises has photos and instruction so don’t worry if you have no experience. Here is the entire book in small thumbnails to be fair to the author. This should give you a general understanding what to expect. You can see the amount of images in the second half of the book and that’s all the exercise stuff:

What you get with Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs New Years workout:

  1. You find out surprising fat burning foods.
  2. You get unique workouts that burn stomach fat.
  3. You get motivation and mindset for permanent fat loss.


  • You get a comprehensive full-body training program, complete with full descriptions and photos of each exercise to ensure you always know exactly what to do.
  • You get strategic exercise combinations and sequencing to make sure you get the most out of your workouts by increasing your internal metabolic rate so that you burn fat even after your done exercising.
  • You get nutritional secrets that will blow your socks off because they are backed by science but not well known.
  • You get diet plans to ensure you always have healthy meal ideas.
  • You get all this instantly in a digital file that you can download anytime from anywhere in the world.

Can’t Wait To Start Your New Years Workout? Here Are Some FREE Diet Tips:

See 5 “Odd” Foods That You Can Eat NOW to Start Blasting Away Abdominal Fat Today


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